By nottheuglyfriend - 07/03/2015 23:55 - United States

Today, I discovered my friends have contests to see who can photoshop my pictures to make them even uglier. FML
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nottheuglyfriend tells us more.

OP here. Lol, no, after a while we cleared things up. To be honest I set my self up for this because I tend to make the weirdest faces I can on purpose when someone takes a picture of me. They didn't mean it to be rude, they were just having fun with my strange photos. We set up a contest with all of us and now I'm the one photoshopping them ;D

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Those don't seem to be real friends. Time to find some new friends. People like that usually have problems of their own to act like that. Either that or they're just jerks.

mif_fml 27

Sounds like some quality friends..


mif_fml 27

Sounds like some quality friends..

Think about it this way OP, you must be so good looking that they have nothing else but to make you look uglier! Also find new friends

Those are your friends? Why? You need friends who will support you, not make fun of you behind your back. :( Im sorry. Internet hugs!

JustinJK 21

You need friends who make fun of you to your face *

#59 Because everyone knows friendships are built on alcohol, sarcasm, and ******* with one another.

JustinJK 21

My close circle of friends are assholes to each other. We constantly make fun of each other and give each other shit. Gay jokes, racist jokes, everything goes. People probably think we're horrible people lol. But I wouldn't trust anyone more than my closest friends. For all innapropriate and crudeness they're like my brothers and sisters. I can't even imagine a friendship without my friends calling me a fag as sad as that sounds. It'd be so boring to have a politically correct friendship.

Why not join in,I mean you're friends so just get in on the joke and don't take it to heart...

Just dont get butt hurt,Its a joke I swear some people on here just don't know how to laugh...

You moron they're doing it behind her back. It's not like they all do it to each other as a jokey friends kind of thing, it's something OP found out about.

Some people have image issues i personally dont think this is funny sat all. People kill themselves because of stuff like this.

Those don't seem to be real friends. Time to find some new friends. People like that usually have problems of their own to act like that. Either that or they're just jerks.

1dvs_bstd 41

What? how? where? did I read the wrong fml? There's literally no mention of the word beautiful. I'm tired of all these sugary comments. Terrible friends, yes. But do you know the OP?

FYI You spelled, "spelled" wrong Spelt is used in the wrong context hear

Replace uglier with beautiful and you get his general idea of a "sugary comment"

Chelserser 20

I think she was trying to say replace "uglier" with "beautiful" which would mean they were using edits to make op more beautiful than they already are. I think she was trying to be nice and clever, a lot of people just didn't get it. :)

she was trying to make OP feel better. No, she may not know the OP, but what is wrong with boosting someone's self esteem, who obviously just had it crushed. Actually in my opinion, everyone is beautiful in there own unique way. Don't worry OP, obviously for some reason they feel threatened by you, so to make themselves feel better they make you feel bad about yourself.

I don't think they consider you friends.

nataliewby 25

If those are people you call friends, I would consider dumping them for kinder and more accepting people. Friends are supposed to support each other, not bring each other down.

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Photoshop them out of your life.