By Anonymous
Today, according to my girlfriend's instant messenger, which she left open on my laptop, I am her rough shag on the side while she searches for a guy who is husband material that her parents will approve of. I guess the engagement ring in my bag is going back to the shop. FML
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By  withered  |  30

She is a bitch for not being upfront with you about how she sees your relationship but you are the same. You clearly had no conversation with her about marriage and you decided to propose without even considering her feelings and opinion on marriage? Marriage is not something you spring on people out of the blue. It is something you talk about with your partner. The proposal should not be a surprise, the time and place should be. If you don't talk about it don't whine when you don't get the answer you want (talking about your future possible proposals).

By  withered  |  30

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  withered  |  30

Proposals are "a thing". A thing you discuss with your partner before buying a ring. It's a decision you both make, not just one of the partners. Springing that on your partner without even mentioning marriage before in the entire relationship is inconsiderate and people like that deserve a "no".

  Seeya55  |  31

Yeah marriage is something you discuss with your partner, the proposal is the when and where. Actually getting married shouldn't be the surprise. If OP never discussed it with her in the first place, they had some serious problems from the get go. You know how many women get 'proposed to' after a few months of dating? Happens all the fucking time.

By  DraftHail614  |  17

It's ridiculous how much trust just doesn't exist in relationships anymore. They're just a joke for some people now. Honestly. Be glad you found out she's a total bitch before proposing.