By Greymoya - 24/02/2010 14:18 - United States

Today, I was very sick, and my boyfriend was taking care of me at his parents' house. I was laying on the couch, innocently watching a movie while he rubbed my feet, when his stepmother came home from work. She freaked out, accused us of having it off on her couch, and kicked me out. FML
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IScreamRawr 4

Why is wrong with her?

boatkicker 4

FYL, because its never fun to get yelled at when you're sick. FYL again, because you now have a mean step-mother-in-law. Congratulations on your marriage. You're awesome for actually being around on your FML. Not enough people do that. :)


IScreamRawr 4

Why is wrong with her?

IScreamRawr 4

I mean what.

what's wrong?? if it was my mum she would have kicked me out as well as a my gf, if I had one, just for being alone in the house.

If we had been teenagers, maybe yes. But he had lived away from home for 4 years and came home to live with his dad and go back to school. We were both 22 years old at the time. And again, we had NOT slept together yet, and when we finally did we never did it in their house, because that WOULD be disrespectful and weird.

snickerfudles 0

did u dead?

TapeMan_3000 0

mabye cause you were innocently watching a movie... ...NEKKID!!!!!!!!

Woa first time a maker of an fml posts on their own fml!! :D awesome!!

No, it's happened many times before.

Felendris 0

^ this.

Actually, no. The one with the "My father died and my teacher asked a meeting with him so I told her he was dead and she didn't beleive me" FML is the first I've seen in which the OP responds the his/her FML, although there may be earlier ones. Another example is the one with the "My sister erased my iTunes library with the Beatles, Doors, Guns & Roses discography and replaced it with the Jonas Brothers and Britney Spears because she thought I was wierd."

Well like someone else said, there's not enough room to tell the WHOLE story, and I knew people would jump to some conclusions. Besides, why post anything and not stick around to see the results? We were 22 years old, not even sleeping together yet, fully dressed and on opposite ends of the couch. Not to mention I was so sick, that now many years later I still have a damaged kidney from that illness, that I've had multiple surgeries on. It was by NO means a sexy situation :)

Reyo 2

If your B/F didn't defend you, then he's either a pussy, or a Twilight fan...which is basically the same thing.

Well this was way before Twilight :) And he did defend me, but she was so angry it was better he just take me home at that time and let her calm down. He went back and had a LONG talk with her after that. But you know, that part doesn't make for an interesting FML....

wow what a bitch

well maybe if you were in the kitchen makin him a sandwich all this woudnt have happened....

beccaishereyay 11

why were you even at his house if you were "very sick"? dumb bitch

Hope it's better now OP :)

youthink_fml 0

I don't blame her. The only reason I'm leaving the house when I'm "very sick" is to go to the Dr. She probably also didn't know someone was spending the day in HER house without her knowledge. Of course she thought you were "having it off" (and you probably were). YDI.

See my reply above, I did see the doctor that day. And at the time he lived there (he had moved home to go back to school), and had taken me to the doctor since I was too sick to drive, then back to his house to take care of me. And in fact, at that time, we had not slept together yet, it was early in the relationship, and we were both 22 years old.

geordieboysgirl 0

LOL - youthink. That's what you get for being snarky and judgemental. I see why you identify with the stepmonster, you both se the worst in people.

you just lost the game

f you!!!!!

This didn't actually happen recently, but it was pretty obvious we weren't doing anything. I was laying down, he was sitting up on the other end of the couch, both of us fully dressed and watching the movie. I also had a fever of 102 and two prescriptions to prove I'd been at the doctor that morning. She just hated me. He and I ended up getting married and she dislikes me to this day :)

Sounds like someone is into a bit of foot fetish... and I'm not talking about your boyfriend. ;)

way to stick it to her lol

Wow, it is awesome that you guys are married! I was going to say that you should marry that boy. Looks like you beat me to it. Congratulations!

wow, I have never had to deal with ever having step-parents, but between Disney movies and this website, I am afraid of them! You're just lucky the family dog wasnt watching him rub your feet, then his stepmom would have REALLY freaked.

killabee 0

SHE still dislikes YOU? ...And who is the one posting an FML years later, even though you won and married the guy? Bitter much?

boatkicker 4

FYL, because its never fun to get yelled at when you're sick. FYL again, because you now have a mean step-mother-in-law. Congratulations on your marriage. You're awesome for actually being around on your FML. Not enough people do that. :)

true everything^

FYL indeed OP, hope your feeling better. #15, sorry to burst your bubble, but as it says in the FML, it's a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. Although things may change if they decide to get married...