By Anonymous - 05/11/2015 02:34 - United States - Yellow Springs

Today, my friend explained that his internship was clearly worse than mine because he got yelled at by clients. One of my clients ripped out my hair. FML
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Internships are hell, no two ways about it


If he still thinks his is worse then I am going to assume getting your hair ripped out was something that happened on an accident. Maybe something got caught in it, they pulled to try and get it out, and along with it came some of your hair.

Or their friend is a self absorbed individual, who often feels their situation is worse. There are a lot of self entitled people who feel their situation is always slightly worse. I doubt it would be an FML if it was purely accidental.

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You obviously don't get paid enough for that crap.

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Assuming she gets paid at all...

A pissing contest for whose internship is worse? FYL indeed OP. Maybe it's time to look for a new internship? I understand internships are special and hard to come by, but this is supposed to prepare you for the real world and to learn- not to be miserable and hate what you go through daily.

But, isn't that what the real world is??

Sometimes but not every single day, and I'm sure abusive clients aren't the norm. People are assholes in general, but idk. There's no need to be miserable.

A07 48

Internships are hell, no two ways about it

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Yeah, being a Polyjuice Potion aid isn't easy work regardless of payment.

Don't people know what's acceptable in a society anymore?

Anymore? Want to go back to the days of civility, witch burning, slavery, persecution of apostates, and limited rights for women?