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Today, my girlfriend was complaining of being stressed, so I mentioned having heard that sex relieves a lot of that build up of stress. She replied, "I think I'd rather stay stressed." FML
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Haha! She is probably tired of hearing about all the wonderful things sex is good for. According to my husband blow jobs are a cure all for coughing, sore throats, colds, flu, aches & pains, and the list goes on and on.


olpally 32

"stairway to heaven" denied... Fyl op

If thats a fact and ur so stressed maybe u shudnt have denied sex with her. Fyl for turning her down u moron

So when your gf is stressed out she is automatically in the mood for sex? No sir, you don't wanna ask that. It makes them feel like all you care about is the sex if she isn't happy.

That is unless it's the kind of stress that can be relieved, I'm which case sex is very much a good thing.

That was pretty harsh of that girlfriend to say, but I know that when I'm stressed sex is the last thing on my mind. So unless OP actually tries to get her in the mood, he deserves it.

-11 That's because we don't give a **** about their feelings and we only need women for their pussy, cooking, and cleaning.

35- Stfu, that really not even funny at all. You are the reason why every guy has the steriotype of a dick.

ThisIsMyReign 4

35 did your stress get pass the point your hand can't relieve it?

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Calm down 44 he's more than likely 12 and trying to sound cool. All of us real men know he's wrong.

I'm all good, it's just annoying how guys downgrade them like that

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Agreed. He should have asked if she wanted a massage or something and work his way toward sex. No game!

Dump her sorry frigid asss: she'll remain stressed (our sour-puss bitchy) better that way.

I'm amazed that so many people here are actually saying FYL. No he deserved it. She told him she was stressed and the first thing he could think of was he could use it as a way to get laid. He was clearly thinking about himself only. Yes sex relieves stress, but he only said that for his own benefit, not hers. She probably didn't really mean she doesn't like sex. She was just basically telling him that she's not falling for his stupid crap. And yeah I could see possibly giving her a massage or whatever first and then slowly seeing if it leads to sex, but the way he approached it was clearly wrong.

So add the stress of having nowhere to sleep tonight. Either that, or just start banging other women, including her friends. When she finds out, just tell her that you were trying to make her happy, since she likes stress. Then throw her out.

Haha! She is probably tired of hearing about all the wonderful things sex is good for. According to my husband blow jobs are a cure all for coughing, sore throats, colds, flu, aches & pains, and the list goes on and on.

Maybe she dosent gain any pleasure from having sex with you, but pressure.

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Redoxx_fml 22

People aren't always in the mood for sex , unless they're nymphos

The point of being a lover isn't to be on beck and call for sex-time whenever the other calls for it. The point of being a lover is to... uh... love each other maybe? Which includes understanding when the other just isn't in the mood and finding other ways to spend time together.

42-you're a dick. You're the reason men get a bad reputation. It's not o.k to 'love her and have other sexual partners'. That's called cheating.

67, The initial comment suggested it as a statement encompassing all instances, not just this one time. That was the point of the other persons message. I really doubt they were suggesting that if you don't feel the in the mood one time you should see other people.

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Another FML from a guy complaining that their girl won't have sex with them. Surprise surprise....

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Oh c'mon. What was offensive about that?

cyK0tek 0

Nuthin lol. Just pointed out that the subject in this FML is so very *rarely* posted by guys. *kukuku*

I swear ive heard that somewhere? Do I know you

45 We may have crossed paths in the past, but I'm quite sure we never have.

Yeah maybe your right. My bad. You look like my old friend jake.

Taco_bender, you might be thinking of, "Have a Happy Period!"

I feel like that sometimes. My boyfriend will make comments like that and they reek of desperation. Huge turnoff.

Careful, he might get so "desperate" he'll fall right into another chick's vag. Tell him it bugs you when he asks. Take care of the problem. Satisfy your man and help him to satisfy you! Dismissing his needs isn't a solution.

twinny_sc 13

In my opinion if he's so desperate for sex that he'll "fall into another chick's vag" he's not worth it.

What kind of person gets turned off when someone thinks they are hot enough to have sex with?

MissHayleyJames 7

I agree with 21. If he's so desperate that he has no respect for his woman and he goes and cheats, he deserves a kick in the nuts. Just because your man (or woman) wants sex doesn't mean you just put out for them. You have to both want it. And if any man ( or woman) is willing to have sex with his significant other if they just lay there and don't want to then they're a pig.

If someone is pissy enough to post about their boyfriend being desperate in a comment on fml I'd hope they'd have spoken to him about how it makes them feel. Throwing around bad attitude and negativity helps no one. Help him be a better man- if not for you then for the next!

29, I think they may have been suggesting ditching her for someone who's actually interested. Not necessarily cheating. Wouldn't blame him really.

PrincessPesa you are THE woman that understands and has the intelligence. The world needs lot more of you. (No sarcasm!) Have you ever considered cloning? You should. You are my new hero.

Maybe you should offer her a massage, with your penis... I hear the tip can get as hard as a set of knuckles, and it has a built in timer!

Yea but it's not very effective :-/ you never know when it will go off, or if you'll go placid after thinking of your grandmother. Plus it's too cloudy, like a Pearl Jam.

Sounds like one or both of you could seriously benefit from some kind of seminar. If you haven't had sex with her yet, that was a creepy way to initiate it. If you have, I'd say give the frigid bitch some great oral and stop with the words!

I think OP would prefer a semenar instead.

jmoreno 4

When ur stressed the last thing you wanna think about is sex. Why don't u try helping her deal with her issues instead of making selfish remarks!

Or offer her a back massage, which is an awesome way to unwind when you're stressed and (at least to me) it can be very intimate and romantic.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I don't know. Sex is definitely not the last thing on my mind when I'm stressed. Having good sex really is a great stress long as you're not having it with someone that could cause you more stress.

33, Not everyone is the same on that front. So long as she's not stressed constantly and they have a healthy relationship otherwise theres really no issue in not wanting it while in that frame of mind.