By Anonymous - 14/09/2014 16:38 - Ghana - Accra

Today, I got high for the first time. Apparently I called my vet and told him my goldfish was barking. I found out when he called me back later to make sure we were both okay. FML
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Plot twist: you don't even have a goldfish, but you have got a very wet dog...

Must have been some good shit


Plot twist: you don't even have a goldfish, but you have got a very wet dog...

Plot twist: the dogs name is goldfish.

This should be a movie haha

Plot twist: he was referring to the goldfish crackers he was eating.

i wonder how it feels to be high, i know you act weird but the actual feeling.

Must have been some good shit

Yeah, OP could you maybe.. You know.. Hook me up with some of that devils lettuce?

I think he had a drink called SHOCKER. It's an illegal drink in Ghana: it's boiled weed mixed with pineapple juice and vodka and some other herbs nobody talks about.

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That's it? Nothing else was running through your mind at the time? Or you simply had to get thumbed down?

Very creative

woah, this is some deep s**t.

It's ok, I once called my mum crying because I thought the dog was dissolving into dust.

First we have goldfish barking, then dogs dissolving. What's next, cats driving cars?

Dogs and cats, living together...

Living together like the cartoon "CatDog"?

you sure, you smoked pot? Sounds more like a bad trip.

Actually #11, I was thinking of "Ghostbusters" God I hate it when I date myself like that lol

*calls dmv*

damn what were u smokin lol

#41 and #89 it was the first (and last) time I took mushrooms. Bad decision. I also thought the room was collapsing, but no one was nice enough to check up on me afterwards. The vet sounds like a good guy.

I have an uncle who was once so drunk he tried to kiss a horse and get on it the wrong way, by trying to get on top of the horse's head.

What if your fish really was barking....

High on what? What stuff does that to you? Not weed.

BubbleGrunge 18

Ugh I accidentally down voted you but you're so right. Weed is not going to make you act this way unless it was laced or you got high on something else. People need to stop blaming their foolishness on pot; in this day and age, the education we have on Cannabis is so great that most people know OP is more than likely full of shit. Unless OP is the small SMALL precent that react badly to Cannabis; in that case I retract my "full of shit" statement.

BubbleGrunge 18

Usually though, those who react badly to marijuana have severe psychosis; not thinking their fish is barking.

mary_13 26

#16 I mostly agree with what you said but some people do react badly to weed, it's worse if your smoking for the first time especially if the weed is of high quality. Then again I don't think I've ever heard of something like this happening before when the person only smoked weed.

OP could've been staring into his fish tank, heard a dog barking outside, and thought it was his fish.

i love your explanation.

i react badly. i get panic attacks and i bawl my eyes out...and then eat a lot of food and fall asleep. but i don't have psychosis.

In Ghana, it's probably chewing khat, which is a mild hallucinogen.

BubbleGrunge 18

Anxiety is a case of psychosis. Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind. It can deviate from mild to extreme. I had an ex who couldn't smoke because he would have severe panic attacks and at times get violent. Granted he had other mental health issue so he wasn't the norm, however I know a handful of people who can't handle the weed due to the anxiety it gives them. Everyone I know that acts that way usually ends up having a bad time yet I've yet to meet someone who hallucinates from smoking straight up weed. However, not to be a totally bitch I gave OP the benefit of the doubt and just because I haven't met them yet doesn't mean they don't exist. Sigh, I still think he's full of shit though.


I was thinking that he could have had the idea to call the vet and say that as a joke. You do dumb shit high. One time while high on weed I accidentally purchased a $40 membership to a porn site. And not even a good one at that.

llamarrama01 21

Should've watch pink Floyd the wall. If there's ever a time. It's when you're high.

deans face makes it look like your encouraging him to lol

llamarrama01 21

Dean always encourages it.

Uhm you mean listen... Unless your on something other than marijuana.

The Wall is also a movie

llamarrama01 21

I know. That's why I said to watch it.

thumbs up just cuz of Dean :)

Plot twist : your fish was barking but you can't remember

Lil_Red777 21

Your comment is bad and you should feel bad!

That must have been laced with something deep

You were mistaken, it was actually a dogfish not a goldfish