One ring to…

By bchorror - 22/04/2020 02:00

Today, I went to take out my NuvaRing. To my surprise, I couldn’t find it. I’ve had unprotected sex almost every day this month. I don’t know when it fell out. FML
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Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

YDI. I had one, as a young teen. I was still responsible enough to check it every few days, especially before I had sex. You ALWAYS need to check.

My guess would be nine months before your baby is born.


Welcome to motherhood!

you should really be checking that way more often

leximichelle 13

Wouldn’t you notice such a thing lying around on the floor/bed/shower/whatever, even if you didn’t feel it fall out? Definitely deserve it.

Social distancing - you're doing it wrong. I hope all this unprotected sex was with one partner and not multiples... Granted, having that ring inside you is kind of "protected sex," but you should still always use a condom too just to be safe...

It’s with my fiancé who is also my baby daddy