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By Oregon - 04/12/2019 18:00

Today, while my boyfriend was fingering me, he accidentally pulled out my NuvaRing, he then licked it off and placed it back inside me. FML
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HokieJ 10

That seems like poor product placement!


So he knew to lubricate it before reinsertion. That's a good thing.

HokieJ 10

That seems like poor product placement!

Mungolikecandy 19

Surely he would have to be fisting rather than fingering to do that? Unless your boyfriend is ET.

Ok first of all, how do y'all think the Nuva Ring works? It's inserted and removed with fingers, happens regularly that it accidentally gets pulled out during sex. How would OP handle it if it couldn't be reached with fingers? But, OP, please.... tell him to never just lick it anymore, that is beyond disgusting lmao Also, check with the instructions, but you can remove it up for four hours and you're still good on protection.

A nuva ring is not an iud, you insert a new one yourself every month and it’s perfectly normal if it comes out during sex.

As per Flight of the Concords... "if that's what your into"...

MsCorgi88 1

What’s a nuva ring? I’m too scared to google -.-

J15237 25

How would he land up really being that deepside you?