By hi_im_ughlee
Today, I broke up with the guy I was seeing because he has a bad temper. He refused to believe me and decided that the best way to prove me wrong was to completely destroy my newly built house, inside and out, while I was at work. FML
hi_im_ughlee tells us more :
Hey, guys! I'm OP. I'm glad most of you are supportive about this! Charges have been filed and he will be sued for all damages. He actually did break in, and he broke all the windows and doors, smashed all the lights and mirrors, took a hammer to the brick outside and the walls inside, and destroyed my deck. I had mini cameras installed to make sure no one would steal anything while the house was still being worked on, so I've got irrefutable proof that it was him and slowly but surely he will be brought down.
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  Zufallian  |  34

I'm sure more than a restraining order is necessary. Her ex-boyfriend vandalized her property, and (assuming OP locked her doors) broke into her house. So that's vandalism, breaking and entering, and who knows what else he did.

  Tball22  |  7

not necessarily. she never said they didn't live together. might only be a misdemeanor and if he gets off easy then he'll be even more pissed.

  chinaski7628  |  32

This isn't really a situation that needs revenge, especially if the guy is that violent and unstable. It needs the police involved. Why would you want to do anything that could possibly escalate the situation?