By uncomfortable - 12/03/2009 00:20 - Canada

Today, I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and his parents. It got to an intense sex scene. I felt grateful when I saw his father reaching for the remote to fastforward past the scene. He put it into slowmotion. We watched in silence for about 3 minutes before he managed to fix it. FML
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Just be grateful he didn't reach for the tissues.

Something tells me it wasn't on purpose.... Did it set you in the mood later?


Just be grateful he didn't reach for the tissues.

I still don't get it. How do people defend their choice to press the "you deserved that one" button?

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Cause people like to be rebels and click it for some desire to be different.

Well i live in the US. its my right as a citizen

Sometimes I press YDI because I clicked the FYL button twice and it shrinks and I ended up clicking both.

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@3: How dare they pick a boyfriend with a technologically challenged father!

u know u cud just reply to their comment. u don't have to press shift and 2

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YOU know YOU could use correct grammar instead of being so f***ing lazy that YOU can't add 2 extra letters onto a word.

It doesn't seem to fit either. If anything it's F the father's life.


Why in hell would you fastforward a sex scene ? Are you that prudish ?

when your on your own, sure, but when it's with a bunch of people, unless your all immature 6th graders, it becomes painfully awkward and uncomfortable.

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That's not too bad, unless the movie was 'Caligula' and you guys watched it on accident thinking it was a documentary or something, lol. Plus, at least he didn't zoom in...

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His father is preverted, HAHA! and lmfao.. #8 ..Zoom in? thats just sick man PEACE.

yea agrees with #7... how u know the father intended to fastfoward the scene?