By Anonymous - 10/07/2015 22:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, it's my birthday. What did I get? A 12-hour work shift, after spending an almost sleepless night in a computer chair because my bed is infested with bed bugs. FML
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ChopSuey444 20

Happy birthday, anyway, OP!

Can I just spill your glass of water so it's empty instead of half full?


ChopSuey444 20

Happy birthday, anyway, OP!

psychopolarbear 28

He did get one other present…an FML posted on the site! In reality, man, bed bugs suck. I've heard the stories. Wishing luck to ya.

91hayek 31


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Can I just spill your glass of water so it's empty instead of half full?

It's his birthday, not Thanksgiving.

Tell 'em it's your birthday, that always makes the bugs go away, as well as your boss.

Cake is the only good thing about birthdays.

I'm gonna have to say i'd much rather have a birthday pie. becuase pie in my opinion is way better. unless its ice cream cake... I love da ice cream cake.

xivoricbutterfly 25

At least you will have more money to get yourself a new bed.

daisylokes 16

Wrap your mattress in plastic, trust me it works... home depot sells the plastic I'm talking about. Its white and its large enough to fully cover a king size. The bugs will die of hunger inside the plastic. Dont sleep with any bed sheets, unless your able to keep it from touching the floor. They are able to climb on wood surfaces, even ceilings! So if your bed frame is made out of wood... i would take it outside... oh and they cant walk on plastic btw its very difficult for them, it will take awhile to get rid of them, so hang in there. If you have any questions, msg me :) goodluck !

i can attest that this does work but unless you kill them in the rest of your house/apartment they will just get back into your bed once you take the plastic off. i had a roommate that let its dog get a nasty flea infestation that eventually got into my bed. I honestly wasn't able to kill them in my mattress until I moved out

Well, happy birthday anyway. Next time try sleeping on the couch or the floor. Even the bathtub probably would've been more comfortable. Time to call the exterminator too!!

Yeah, I heard Vamanos Pest is a great one to call.

Happy birthday OP! Bed bugs are the worst, but for a temporary solution (so you can sleep), you should buy bed bug mattress covers and sleep on those without sheets until you can permanently get rid of the bugs. And I hope your birthday ended on a better note :)

It could be worse right? Imagine having a birthday on Black that sucks..maybe a new mattress will be a new mattress a will be a gift...

Having birthdays on holidays is pretty shity too. sure there's a big celebration but only part is for you :/

Angelrose2004 17

Bed bugs don't bite through clothing. Make your place cold and sleep in a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and socks. It works... I promise. Happy birthday!

They can still bite your hands and face and trust me, bed bug bites on the face are not exactly the most appealing look :|

Angelrose2004 17

Ok, wear a ski mask and gloves then. I'm obviously too ugly to be bitten on the face. And although the bed bug covers don't take care of the full problem, they do help tremendously!