Kiss from a rose

By sealy - 28/12/2010 07:44 - United States

Today, I was told I sound like a seal barking when I orgasm. FML
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Oh yeah, yeah, yeaaaa- ARF ARF ARF ARF *begins to clap hands violently*

Did anyone else reinact this in their heads?


Did anyone else reinact this in their heads?

I re-enacted in my head your sexual partner throw you a fish afterwards or make you balance balls on your nose?

At least you've reached it, Hoover!

I'm going to go with the balancing. It might even quiet the barking.

I did... It's a huge turn on...I need...KaySL... COME HERE KAY AND MAKE SEAL NOISES! :D

Well I tried the sound myself!

well aparentally you must be an animal.

at least it's not a dog barking?

it might be a good thong to be quiet when you come or to dig your nails in

it might be a good thong? you mean thing? read what you write

Yes, because it's not important to capitalize.

grammar freaking nazis

yea y doez it mattah. butt i speel parfecly lolz

lol he did it on purpose don't have a dolphin orgasm like op

srry it might upset people if u say dolphin because it's not a dolphin it's a seal

Relax #8! I'm pretty sure it was the auto-spell thing on the iPhone. By the way, I'm pretty sure he's aware of his mistake.

and theeeen *club*

although that shit is fuuuucked up. THAT, was pretty funny. you evil doll you. lol

Oh yeah, Santa was in 'Nam wasn't he?

Well that's awkward.

No, awkward would be her 25 year old boyfriend crying because she sounds like a seal and topless.

I love the ref. to the previous FML. N1!

damn your cute!

you should listen to melibear he/she probably knows what he/she is talking about judging by the profile pic

that's not sexy...

It's sexy as hell :)

it is horrid... at the best moments of ones life to be shocked by barking... better leave her alone...


Oh yeah, yeah, yeaaaa- ARF ARF ARF ARF *begins to clap hands violently*

Haha mental picture.

i could imagine that :')

hats freaking hilarious!!