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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, at work, I screamed, used one of my employees as a human shield, dove for cover, and cried. Why? A bat flew into my store. Bats scare me shitless. FML
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Already I predict a large number of comments written by pricks who apparently aren't afraid of anything and do not accept the idea of someone else having serious fears of anything.

You'll be known as Batwoman.


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Because nobody likes you. And these OP's have been getting really whiney lately, your life isn't F'd, it is just embarassing.

Granted, I've never had this happen to me before, but if a bat flew near me in a confined place, I'd be a bit worried. They're pretty big, and some varieties have fangs, so I wouldn't want to be very close to a potentially rapid/vicious flying creature. Heck, at times I even get scared when my parakeets dive bomb me.

Srsly? Bats are small, generally harmless and eat insects or fruit, and the only real danger they pose is from the possibility of carrying disease... Just walk into a room with a door, close it, pull out your cellphone, tell one of your employees to call you when its gone. Its not an FML. YDI.

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'a phobia is an intense and irrational fear...' this means if the bat was on the other side of the room then op would still be shitless. l2english

Bats are fricken amazing anyway. What other non-aquatic mammal can maneuver with sonar?

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It's stupid for any gender to be scared of bats. Are you scared of birds too? Man the **** up.

I agree, though if they get in your hair, they can't just be removed, the hair has to come off, so if you're a girl it's advisable to avoid letting it get stuck...

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*rolls eyes* everybody has a phobia. It's not something you can control, silly.

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dude it's called a PHOBIA for a reason phobia isn't just a normal fear, it's an intense fear - ppl have been known to die when forcibly confronted with their phobias. It really is not a laughing matter, and people cannot control their phobias. Honestly, have you never heard of a phobia?

I have a phobia of stupid people. Who the hell am I going to use as a shield while I huddle in a corner crying? Seriously though if you can't do something as simple as stay relatively calm while confronting a phobia (She wasn't even really confronting it, it's not like it landed on her) then you're probably not competent enough to run a store in the first place.

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lol that's not a phobia *rolls eyes* A phobia can result in a panic attack, and that's what happened to me last year Again, the intense fear is not something you can control. The fight or flight hormone that is released and its side effects are not something you can control either. Your most primitive instincts come out when you are threatened like that, and the severity is different for each person. To just 'calm down' when you're forced to face your worst fear is a LOT easier said than done. You sound like you've never faced such a fear in your life, so don't judge.

Wtf are you saying "man up"? Batman has a phobia of bats too, are you calling batman a pussy?

87- So you have a phobia of yourself?

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Thats Funny ...

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girl, i would do the same thing. well, maybe not the crying part. bats r scary =S

"Meh" button, please. This isn't really an FML.

second ( on iPhone )

You're dumb. Shut up.

Uh oh, cool kid with an iPhone has to let everybody know!

Go Manu Ginobili on that bat

Go Chuck Norris on it.

stone cold Steve Austin owns chuck norris

I read a warning about bats having rabies. If they are where they aren't supposed to be (in a house, in the daylight), then they may have rabies.

You may have rabbies!

Rabies for president!