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By Sam - 25/06/2014 05:10 - United States - San Francisco

Today, as a recruiter, I had an interview with a promising candidate for an open position at my company. The interview was going well until the candidate interrupted me halfway through to take a selfie. FML
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And that's how they become a not-so-promising candidate


And that's how they become a not-so-promising candidate

#83 No, it's really not. Most (normal-minded) people wouldn't pull this kind of stunt during an interview. That's why this story made it to FML. Too many "society these days" comments.

Check his/her twitter: "failing my job interview! #jobless #thisawkwardmoment #selfie"

#86 I'm simply stating that it is more common nowadays for people to act like this. I may have been generalising but I can assure you I didn't mean to. I wouldn't dream of doing this at an interview! Society has become more relaxed when it comes to working, people are being forced in to job interviews and this leads to inappropriate behaviour not only such as this but in the work place (had the interviewee not taken the 'selfie', they may have got the job and caused havoc). I consider OP lucky that they were able to nip it in the bud :)

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"But first, let me take a selfie"

I honestly think that was possibly the worst "song" ever made. In fact I don't even think I would call It a "song"

I didn't realize it was a real "song." I thought it was just some stupid thing my local radio station made. Ugh.

Miley Cyrus has better songs than that one.

Oh God I wanted to kill myself after hearing that song!

To say you want to kill yourself over a song, no matter how annoying, is a very irritating, melodramatic comment and quite offensive to anyone who has considered suicide as their only way out of serious problems, most of which are more severe than a stupid song.

53, your profile picture fits your comment perfectly.

I wonder what was going through their head...they must have been pretty damn confident they'd get the job no matter what

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I think the person already was sure of NOT getting the job. In such cases you behave as you wish, atleast I do B)

Is that not a valued skill at your job?

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It's weird because of the times we live in. It was weird from the very beginning. I don't think he would have done a 'selfie' a couple years ago.

It is rough, I went to a job interview in a nice suit. Girl sitting next to me was wearing yoga pants and a v neck shirt. I was surprised they still interviewed her. (Yes, this was for a professional job where business attire was expected.)

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#36 V-neck and Yoga pants? I guess we all know what assets she was trying to show for the job. Anything to get a leg up - I would say fair game but I'm guessing you're a girl too so you had to compete with that as well.

The color around his profile pic is blue...

I am a girl, and I had much better assets to show off if I had chosen to. Was bad for her because our interviewer was a woman, I start tomorrow. :)

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Not sure why #36 was thumbed down. That was probably the other persons assessment, that if she when in showing all her wares, she might have a leg up in the interview process. I'm not saying it's right, but we all know it happens.

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hey #61 really glad you got the job. It's sad when women try to undermine each other that way; but when the interviewers and bosses are women as well it's a level playing field again and its about what you know and your proficiency and competence instead of how you look. More professional women making those kind of decisions means more competent women employed overall.

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"I'll answer your questions... but first, lemme take a selfie!"

I feel your pain. *hugs* Hopefully they won't breed and die out.

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"Abot tu make sum money ;D #hotenterviewer #heisn2me"