By embarrassed - United States - Garden Grove

Holy shit

Today, I was in church. During the prayer, I moved my foot and it pressed against the automatic button on my umbrella causing it to suddenly open. As if that wasn't bad enough, I screamed simultaneously at the shock. FML
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  MandieL  |  27

I did too, and then I felt bad so I had to come see if others did too. Glad to see there are a few. I'm sure no one was mad OP, probably gave them a little chuckle. Try not to be embarrassed, shit happens.

  MandieL  |  27

My go to scream is "Jesus Christ". Don't know why, that's just what pops out of my mouth (I blame my grandma) so it could have been worse too OP.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Normally you'd be right, but in a church, the open umbrella would act as a parabolic dish to hyper-focus the Holy Spirit.

I go into expensive detail on this in my science x religion romfic.