Holy shit

By embarrassed - 04/01/2016 17:58 - United States - Garden Grove

Today, I was in church. During the prayer, I moved my foot and it pressed against the automatic button on my umbrella causing it to suddenly open. As if that wasn't bad enough, I screamed simultaneously at the shock. FML
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Did you at least scream "HOLY SHIT"?

Pray people don't get mad


Did you at least scream "HOLY SHIT"?

Other options OP could've said, "Oh My God" or "Jesus" or "Holy cow".

Pray people don't get mad

tantanpanda 26

Nah, they have to forgive.

I'm sorry OP, that's really embarrassing. But it's okay. They'll forgive you if they are true believers.

Omg I'm so sorry. But I actually laughed out loud. This is something that would happen to me.

I did too, and then I felt bad so I had to come see if others did too. Glad to see there are a few. I'm sure no one was mad OP, probably gave them a little chuckle. Try not to be embarrassed, shit happens.

My go to scream is "Jesus Christ". Don't know why, that's just what pops out of my mouth (I blame my grandma) so it could have been worse too OP.

Glynnis62 13

I'm sorry that happened OP but that made me laugh...I'm so sorry xD

You should have played it off as a sign from God!

He certainly has a sense of humor.

Maybe it was a sign telling you that going to church will bring bad luck! just kidding hehehe

Schmavid64 13

Accidents happen. I'm sure no one minded too much.

Normally you'd be right, but in a church, the open umbrella would act as a parabolic dish to hyper-focus the Holy Spirit. I go into expensive detail on this in my science x religion romfic.