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Today, my boss lost the company a very lucrative contract I had worked on for weeks because he wouldn't tolerate the client's "disrespect." The disrespect? Asking him to not interrupt her or put words in her mouth during a conference call with her employees. FML
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OP here. I'm IT, not an English major, and 300 charas is a limited space. Sorry if it was too garbled. This actually happened last year and was the last straw as far as my job there went. The company had a small sales staff and a policy where tech personnel, working on their own time, could bring in new clients. You got a biannual bonus proportional to how much the client contracted for. At the time, my wife was pregnant and on bedrest, so we really could have used the extra money. I had a friend working for a nice-sized company in the area that needed some IT services. While I didn't get any insider secrets from him, what I knew from general conversation was enough to tailor an offer and know how to present it to the company owner. My boss was the kind of person who saw everyone competent as conspiring to threaten his job, so he insisted on being on the call she wanted to confirm everything before signing. He was condescending to the client, constantly interrupted her, and tried to sell her things that she would never need. It was obvious he didn't know or care what her company needed or wanted. She politely asked him to stop and he dressed her down for rudeness and disrespect in front of her own employees. When she declined to sign a contract with us, he blamed me, even though I'd only gotten about three sentences out. And then I got a job somewhere much better and quit.

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Maybe it's time to find a company where the boss isn't a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.

Bosses can be asses, sometimes (or a lot of times). Sorry, OP.


Am I the only one who had to read this five times before they understood it??

She should be accustomed to guys putting things in her mouth.

Bosses can be asses, sometimes (or a lot of times). Sorry, OP.

I'd be looking for a better job, op. im sorry your boss is such a dubb.

Maybe it's time to find a company where the boss isn't a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.

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How do you know what he looks like?


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I may never fully understand this FML...

It's not difficult to understand. OP worked on a contract with a client, and because his boss was an ass (i.e. Couldn't tolerate the imagined disrespect) the company OP works for lost the contract. Then OP listed what the "disrespect" from the client was, which is actually the client just standing up for herself.

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Damn looks like your boss ate some lead paint as a child... What an idiot!

He has no one to blame but himself. Who gives a shit, as long as you still have a job, and and as long as he doesn't blame you for it..

some people get bonuses based on a percentage of the value of the contract. For instance, if you get just 0.3% per contract and you closed a deal worth $5,000,000 then you get $15,000 which is what some people make in a year.

You raise a good point. But OP should have stated in the FML if that was the case, because that would be a pretty important detail of the FML. No suggestion of a bonus (or, closer to what you're thinking of, a commission) would suggest that it wasn't part of OP's salary/wage.

It's an FML, not a life story. Op doesn't have to share every little detail on here...

But it's an integral part of the story!! (If it's a part of the story)

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The title of the FML is ByeByeBonus...

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No, I can blame him pretty much. He took something I'd worked on and made sure I wouldn't be compensated for it. He also did try to blame me for it, so...