By makeover-needed - 06/07/2015 21:32 - United States

Today, I learned how my coworkers differentiate between my coworker and me as we have the same name, when I overheard one of them ask the other, "Which one, ugly Leslie or hot Leslie?" When the answer was "ugly Leslie," he walked straight to me. FML
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Don't listen to those assholes I'm sure you look fine :)


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tantanpanda 26

That's nice to say, but you really don't know what OP looks like. You can only assume that her coworkers are complete assholes.

Agreed. Saying that without knowing what she looks like just comes off as insincere and patronising. She might be ugly for all we know but that doesn't mean she should be referred to as such in public.

Every person is beautiful. People have different preferences and likes, so there's always going to be people who find someone beautiful.

Don't listen to those assholes I'm sure you look fine :)

Don't worry. Just be slutty like all other ugly girls do to get guys.

Oh wow, your coworkers are dickheads :(

Justy101 23

Even though I could never find a keychain with my name on it, I'm glad I have a somewhat uncommon name for this very reason!

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could say the same of you #24 however I am not that immature to engage with someone who clearly doesn't know how to read a post either. so enjoy your day fool.

nonsensical 26

umm she's saying that she's glad her name is uncommon so that the same thing won't happen to her... So I'm assuming she understood what the FML said

25- The hole is getting deeper. Keep going..

That sucks OP. Some people are just shallow and have no idea how to act like respectable human beings.

Don't worry, you're not alone. People differentiate me and a friend by calling me "the fat one", so I kinda feel your pain. :P

football98_fml 20

Well then he must be the blind coworker

my name is Jack and I'm always the jacked up one when there are 2 of us