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Today, I called my insurance company begging for a new doctor. All my current one does is prescribe antidepressants for everything. Migraines? AD! Dizziness? AD! Birth control? AD! I’ve been having rough periods and I’m pretty sure she’s just trying to push pills to bill us more. FML
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By  hh8980  |  2

I had a doctor that did that to me too. Tried them for everything from back pain to sleep problems. I fractured my foot and his solution was ADs. I dropped him like a hot potato.

By  Chazzster  |  20

(1) Your insurance does not assign you a doctor. They do generally have a list of doctors who take your insurance - typically available online. Any of the approved doctors will be OK with your insurance. Go to another doctor if this one is not working out for you. Read reviews, talk to friends and associates in your area to see if they would recommend a doctor. One of the difficulties in going to a new area is finding a good general practice doctor who will meet your medical needs. Rarely is the first one you try the best choice. Changing doctors is relatively easy, but you have to do the legwork to find a good one. Then you go to the new doctor for a wellness first visit and talk about your concerns and see if you want to change to them as your primary care doctor.

(2) I am not definitely saying it’s the case, but if your doctor seems to often think you need antidepressants - Are you depressed? People show the symptoms of depression in different ways. Some of them become withdrawn and unresponsive and visibly morose - Others are constantly cranky and in a bad mood. I was told this by a psychologist. I am not for pushing antidepressants, usually counseling by a competent psychologist is more effective long term. But maybe you should examine your own life and see if it’s possible your doctor was picking up on something.