By Anonymous
Today, it's been two weeks since I honked, screamed, and cussed at a cyclist on the road. Since then, my car has been keyed, my tires have been slashed, bricks have been thrown at my windows, and my number has been put on Craigslist as a gay prostitute. FML
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  gobiteme2  |  34

You are right about cyclists using the roads, within the scope of the law. Car drivers also have a right to use the road. The response sounds like you are part of the spandex moffia, I do what I want when I want and the car driver is always wrong.


They are correct that cyclists do have a right to share the road, and maybe road rage wasnt the best option. However, destruction of property is a legal issue that no matter if someone honked or cussed you out while youre cycling, this was taken too far

By  maikeru1979  |  23

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  coolmike699  |  26

No, OP doesn't deserve to be attacked or have property damaged because they yelled at someone. We don't even know why OP yelled at the cyclist, they could have done something really dangerous. Do you really think that someone who causes someone down and repeatedly damages their property cares about traffic rules?

  Suaria  |  37

Where I come from there's a bunch of bicyclists. There's enough that there's a bike lane on the road. Even then bike riders will still be riding their bike in the middle of the road which makes it impossible to move around them.

  skippydoda  |  32

Depends. I've had asshole bikes swerve into my lane because they didn't look. I've had cyclists pedal less then 10 mph during rush hour traffic in the middle of the road. Most cyclists don't use turn signals.


My dad was hit by a driver that refused to give him the right of way (He was going straight, they turned in front of him). I had to get him at the hospital and see his pillow covered in blood and staples in the back of his head before I even knew it was him. My mom was riding in a bike lane and someone swerved to try and hit her! It was only sheer luck she looked back in time to avoid being hit!

F*ck you and everyone else with this mentality! Just because someone is on a bike doesn't make them less of a human! Bikes have the same rights as a car!

  daengh  |  15

They also have the same responsibilities (speed, lane position, signaling, etc) as car drivers. I don't have enough fingers & toes to count the number of times I've had to take action to avoid hitting cyclists who don't pay attention to that.

  bazoo42  |  25

Cyclists do not have a responsibility to maintain the speed of a car; you must be thinking of motorcyclists. They do however have the right and legal obligation to use a lane of traffic. The onus is on the motorist to pass the cyclist when it is safe to do so. They do not have to move for you. And yes, they are supposed to use hand signals when turning/changing lanes.