By Anonymous - 16/8/2020 08:01


  Today, my mom screamed in my face that if she could go back in time, she’d rather have put up with the 3-minute pain of being fucked in the ass like her boyfriend wanted, because then she wouldn’t have had 13 years of pain raising me. FML
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By  thatkorean  |  5

For those saying things trying to justify her mother’s words as a “mistake”. There are many mistakes parents can make. But telling your kid that you wish they were never born and that it was a mistake having them is purposeful mental abuse! And even though it could it could have been said out of anger, it was said with intent to hurt OP. And now the OP will have to live with the fact her mother even had the idea to say those words. I’m sorry you had to go through that OP. Stay strong until you can leave that situation.

By  It_gets_better  |  14

Whether OP's Mom meant it to be purposeful abuse or not (and I sure hope it's not meant to be) it still hurts and has the same effect, OP. My father in law was verbally abusive to my husband because he has anger issues, but it's still abuse. Only a few more years. Hang in there.

By  Amtrying  |  4

thats abuse! Work insanely hard in school and get out of there. That is honestly the best way. You'll want to escape and it will definitely be harder without a healthy home environment but, it will definitely be the best way for you to build a life for yourself. Cool thing is school has clubs, groups, newspapers, and all sorts of stuff to get involved in that will help and keep you busy and away from home. Different political groups accept young volunteers too, so thats another option. Just stay out of the house, focus on school, and stay busy with extra curricular activities.