Happy Birthday

By Anonymous - 30/01/2013 22:50 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I spent most of my daughter's 8th birthday with her in the hospital while her broken arm was put in a cast. Apparently, my son had told her that some people gained the ability to fly on their 8th birthday before encouraging her to find out by jumping off the slippery slide. FML
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'I believe I can fly...'

yolo: you only land once


'I believe I can fly...'

I think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and fly away ...

I believe I can soar...but I think the girl ran into a not open door...

Lets be thankful that OP's daughter chose a slide as her first take off spot and not a balcony.

Trolled at age 8. It begins

Pulllll Uppppp *Cut the music*

dont sink, don't sink.

Hmm well how about that.

Yes, what about it? Pray, do tell.

A funny story far in the future :)

Ah #20 if I'm not mistaken I see what you did there.

Fy daughter's life. Your son is mean

Yeah, I heard the same thing. Unfortunately I've gotta wait for my 21st birthday. Guess mine just came along a little bit later.

yolo: you only land once

I think your children need counseling. ._.

untouchable763 10

What are big brothers for really other then this.

coolboy675 16

Sounds like your son's a ****. He'd be a real one if he could fly though.

Wait...your telling me cocks can fly? Mine is extremely unimpressive then if they are supposed to fly! And oh yeah, the world record for a chicken in flight is 13 seconds if that was what you were trying to say....so they still don't really "fly"

Wait, you don't?! I'd better correct my little brother before he kills himself, i say him walking with a ladder and an umbrella a few minutes after I told him this was true..

Troll brother wins this round