By outie - 13/09/2020 02:02

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I have an 'outie' belly button, and he didn't want our potential kids to have one. FML
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I'm sure that's the real reason he dumped you. I'll bet you didn't understand why he hated being told to smile. That makes more sense!

He’s an idiot. He saved you some future hassles.

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That’s... that’s not how belly buttons work. Well you deserve someone better anywho.

So, at least you didn't waste any more time with the moron.

You’re better off without such a [BLEEPING] dumbass for a boyfriend!

You probably wouldn't want to reproduce with someone that stupid, anyway. You dodged a bullet!

Since I'm assuming you've always had the outie I'm guessing that's not why he dumped you.