By nearly a crazy lady - 12/08/2013 11:19 - United Kingdom

Today, my OCD manager sprayed my hands with chemicals because I touched the bin while throwing away a piece of paper. My hands are now covered in itchy, unattractive rashes. FML
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Time to work on you "trash basketball" my friend

OCD sucks. I can say that she really can't help it. I've been there, and everyone gets annoyed with me over my "quirks" too. I know it sucks for you OP, but your manager really can't control it. It sucks for all parties involved


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I'd say your username is inaccurate. She is a VERY crazy lady.

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Let me clarify. I didn't mean she was crazy because of the germ OCD. I'm saying that because she sprayed OP's hands with a chemical that hurt him/her rather than hand sanitizer or soap or something.

Can't say anyone's to blame, OP is looking to "cure" their OCD quirks, and the person couldn't have known there would be an allergic reaction.

I think your boss's heart was in the right place.

Time to work on you "trash basketball" my friend

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there's even an app for it! ;)

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I find it outrageously irritating when someone yells "Kobe" as they shoot for the bin

OCD sucks. I can say that she really can't help it. I've been there, and everyone gets annoyed with me over my "quirks" too. I know it sucks for you OP, but your manager really can't control it. It sucks for all parties involved

I sincerely doubt the boss is literally, clinically OCD—people just like to throw the word around. A mild germaphobe, maybe.

Germaphobia is a way that OCD manifests itself. So, Germaphobia is a form of OCD basically. And it can be clinical and mild at the same time. Also, some things may bother her while others don't. It's different for everyone

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There's a difference between OCD and assault

Yeah I totally agree, but spraying someone's hands and causing them discomfort is a little too far, don't you agree?

Ummm no. It can and should be controlled. I'm very OCD and yet I can control those urges. Don't go through life saying you can't control it and do something about it.

27 - I agree. I think the most she could have done was ask the OP to wash or sanitize their hands. But you can't blame her for being bothered by it. She can't help that

28- I don't even have OCD yet I know how difficult it is for some people. Did you know that sometimes, people are different than you? Crazy huh?

I came off as being a total ass. I just get irritated when people use their condition as an excuse to act a certain way. I'm OCD, Bipolar, and have ADHD but I never use my conditions as an excuse to act poorly. It can be really difficult to control the urges but it is doable. Saying that OP's boss couldn't help it just isn't true.

You know what, it doesn't matter if it can be controlled or not. If the manager is not fit to be around people, then he/she should definitely not be MANAGING. OP really should file a complaint with OSHA and sue.

I said she couldn't help being bothered by it. Not that she couldn't help spraying OP's hands. And I realize this is fictional but if you've ever seen the TV show Monk, well people like that actually exist. He literally can't help it a lot of the time

Coming from someone who has severe contamination OCD, being a germaphobe and having OCD are two completely different things.

@17 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought one of the diagnostic criteria for OCD was ritual. Eg. a patient might be a germaphobe, but it manifests as needing to wash their hands 300 times a day (even when they know they're clean), which separates it from "regular" germaphobia. The key there is the irrationality. It seems rational (if extreme) to spray someone's hands if they touched a rubbish bin.

Ok intentionally giving somebody rashes isn't a "quirk" it's a potential lawsuit

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Will the boss can't help it so don't call her that

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She may not be able to help the fact that she is bothered but she certainly can control her reaction. Asking someone to wash their hands? Normal reaction. Spraying one of your employees with chemicals? Crazy bitch right there

Honestly, people don't realize the effectiveness of pure water and some soap.

Pure isn't even necessary. Tap water will suffice in most first world nations.

Pretty sure "pure" was used in a sense of like "mere" or that water was sufficient when combined with antibacterial soap.

I thought people would learn by now that just putting 'ouch' is the express highway to Downvote Avenue...

...Which is right next to Trolling Lane and Shitty Pun Road.

Explain your allergy. If you already have, or if she does something like this again, report her.

are you kidding? she should be reported NOW for that crap, not wait for another incident.

You should check out the ingredients in the chemicals and go to a doctor.

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One day I would just wait until your boss fell asleep and dump around 7 trash bins worth of crap in their cubicle or office and let them wake up and practically gas themselves with cans of disinfectant whilst screaming tribal like chants and exact revenge... or maybe that's just me.

That's the most evil thing I can imagine. :')

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Well to be frank its not a severe mental illness and lighten the hell up. Do you think anyone would actually do this in real life and you as you said its a joke, some people have a dark sense of humour and if you can't stomach it then to be honest, meh.

TBH i had no issue with the obviously joking and hypothetical nature of the original comment. However you seriously need to reevaluate your opinion that it is "frankly not a severe mental illness". I can understand that people's free use of the term where it does not truly apply can affect how people perceive disorders like this, but OCD is a serious anxiety disorder, often expressed with other forms of anxiety as well. As the previous comment suggested; if this were to actually be done it could very well lead to much more psychological damage as a result. Also; panic attacks actually have a physical response as well as the obvious psychological distress you know, and people can make themselves violently ill and even have heart attacks, as well as the very real possibility that the suffering person will genuinely "gas themselves" or clean themselves until they bleed after the fact.