By icecreamer - / Monday 6 July 2009 04:03 / United States
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this isnt an fml this is just a fail, and u could ask someone or the store owner the problem and see if they can lend u 50 cents


YDI for 1. living in new jersey 2. being retarted 3. being phat and 4. for having your name be icecreamer wtf


While I agree that it's ridiculous to go out to buy something and then bring only the exact amount of money with you when you know that you'll be paying for other shit, chiding someone for not having a shit ton of extra money at all times is also ridiculous. Some people don't have 100 dollars to keep around as spare change. Some people don't feel comfortable carrying that much.

Haha well firstly you're sad about losing 50 cents and secondly you're sad about not having enough money for ice cream which is always available. why would you take 50 cents worth of time to buy ice cream? On most parking meters that's like half an hour.

Was there a sign? If so, YDI for not reading it. Also, YDI for not knowing how to manage your money if you don't have 50 cents.

haha, loser... YDI. u shoulda brought money... wat if u did need to feed the meter... than u'd b short of money neway... u shoulda known how much the icecream is and that theres a meter...

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