By wellthen - 24/08/2015 21:56 - United States

Today, I expressed my feelings to a guy I've liked for a long time. He basically turned me down because I have the same name as his mom, and dating me would be too weird. FML
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He has a point..imagine him calling your name out in bed.

SweetSociopathy 24

I don't see why it would be weird, unless he calls his mom by her first name.


yo mama

paravoz 30


He has a point..imagine him calling your name out in bed.

I can imagine hum talking to her at some point and accidentally saying mom like everyone has done with a few teachers.

bibble27 9

My grandmother's name is Anna and my dad had an ex girlfriend named Ann. He said that's the closest he ever got to dating someone with his mom's name. My parents have pretty uncommon names so the risk isn't as strong but still I don't think I could do it. Sorry OP. I'm no better than the guy you used to like.

HighasaCloud 46

The more uncommon the name, the worse it is. If I met many people with my parents' names, I would be desensitized to it and wouldn't think of my parents whenever I heard them. I've never once met anyone with my parent's names (or my own, for that matter) and it would be just too damn weird.

incoherentrmblr 21

Just imagine dating a guy with your father's name...

My cousin's girlfriend has the same name as his mum, I don't think it's that weird. You can associate a name with more than one person.

addisonrose12 16

Kinda want to know such unique names!

SweetSociopathy 24

I don't see why it would be weird, unless he calls his mom by her first name.

ravenstag 14

No but I think that every time he calls OP's name it would remind him of his mother. Which can be a little bit awkward in bed, for instance.

I had a thing with a guy who's sister had the same name as me. He didn't really ever say my name lol. Especially with sexual talk.

michaelaranda 28

I dont know, it might be just the name, my mom has a super uncommon name, so ive never heard of a girl with the same name but it would freak me out. And i know plenty of friends who have decided not to date interesting attractive girls because they happened to have the same name as their mother, and i know girls who wont go out with interesting attractive guys because they happen to have their dads name. Im sure op is wonderful in her own right and im sure that he wouldve said yes if you and his mother didnt share names. Sorry op for the bad luck :(

Maybe he doesn't have a good relationship with his mother? I don't think I would be able to date a Don. Luckily I've never even met one.

Sorry op, he just wasn't that in to you. Even if it wasn't for the name he probably would still find some other reason to turn you down anyway.

FYL OP, but I could see how that's weird. Here's to wishing you luck in your future endeavors!

He's simply trying to avoid Ye Olde Freudian Slip

to be honest, that would be weird. that's like him having your dad's name. and that could be awkward during certain situations

My boyfriend and my dad have the same name-- spelled differently but still. It's not that weird to me but maybe after being with him for so long the awkwardness has worn off.

Was thinking how weird this is until I remembered my Dad and boyfriend have the same name. Luckily it's one of those names that have multiple abbreviations. They both use a different version unless it's for something official.

My mother in law and I have the same name. Very similar middle names too. Luckily everyone calls her Becky and me by Rebecca. It was never awkward for me but I can see the point.

I'd think it was weird too. Some people are sensitive to awkward situations. Sorry that happened.

It would be weird.

Pick someone with an Oedipus complex next time!?