By Bebbo - Canada - Toronto
  Today, I was hit with a sudden onset of diarrhea and had to use the washroom on the train. As soon as I pulled down my pants, my worst nightmare came true, as someone opened the door and exposed me to the other passengers. FML
Bebbo_fml tells us more :
Hey guys, op here, the GO train and Via Rail have washrooms. In this case the GO, this particular washroom was on the first level in front of the entrance to the train. And yes the washroom has a lock and I thought I had locked the door, even tested it. Mind you, the passenger who opened the door seemed to have put a lot of strength behind opening the door. So people beware, the go locks aren't that strong!
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  martin8337  |  35

thing is, this sounded like a photo finish. Either drop pants then ass on the crapper or lock the door first and shit himself before sitting on the toilet.

  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Because maybe he didn't have time to lock the door. He could chose between actually making to sitting on the toilet or locking the door and shitting his pants.