By vbecka - 26/06/2013 17:08 - Norway - Oslo

Today, I foolishly thought that I was alone in the house, and let out a huge fart on the toilet. This went on for a while due to an upset stomach. I later walked into the living room only to find my parents and a few of their friends sitting on the couch, teary-eyed from laughing so much. FML
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Hi! OP here! :) first off all: wow! I never expected this to make it to the FMLpage! Don't worry, people. I posted this because it was funny. I was very, very embarrassed when I walked out to the living room and saw everybody and realized that I hadn't been alone after all(my parents came home from their trip to our cabin with their friends a day earlier than they had planned.) But I laughed at it after I realized how funny it was. And it's extra funny that you guys automatically assumed that I'm a guy! I'm actually a girl. haha! Which is why I felt so embarrassed, since I've never met those particularly friends of my parents. Great first impression, don't you think? lol. but they smiled and joked around, trying to make me feel less embarrassed, so it's all good!

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I like you OP, you can take a joke with a good sense of humor.


Bet you that embarassment got you all gassed up.

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Sounds like it was a gastastrophe!

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This is an fml of gastronomical proportions. Haha all our jokes stink. No offense.

I bet OP made their days though so be proud!

Hey man, you had an upset stomach so you gotta do what you gotta do. Keeping it in is actually bad for you, so you'll be okay :)

And laughter is so the best medicine, so well done you!!!!

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It may have been good for op to let it out, but I'm imagining the smell wasn't so good for everyone else in the house :)

Farts are no big deal, just a natural bodily function. At least you were in the bathroom, my sister purposefully tries to get in front of us and then let one go! Ick.

Yea and your sister is either 8 years old or really disgusting. Probably just really disgusting! Hahaha we can't choose our family only learn to live with them. Definitely FYL

All you gotta do in a situation like this is own it, smile, and say "last time I eat from a taco truck." -but not really, taco trucks are the bomb.-

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but what's a taco truck?

It's a roach coach full of Mexicans.

My guess would be a truck that sells tacos

Let's hope their laughter wasn't too long-winded.

Never fart without knowing for sure that you're alone. Shoulda done a quick search before you decided to let one fly

My goodness, farting isn't that big of a deal...

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4 reminds me of that college humor video called "Why Girls Don't Fart".

#4 Yeah, cause everyone gets off the toilet to check the house for uninvited guests...

Imagine "Code red 90260!! Toxic gases have covered the perimeter! The odor replicates fermented tacos but cover your faces befoAAAAH MY EYES!! IT BURNSS!!"

That really stinks! I hope the embarrassment passed quickly.

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well on the bright side you gave them a good laugh. we all need one of them.

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maybe you were producing laughing gas

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You have to be alone to fart in your own house? What kind of regime do you live under? Farting is natural man, I have no idea why its such a big deal to some people, things like this man me all gassy and have an upset stomach. My insides are churning...

I agree. When you've gotta let one out, let it out. It's just a bonus if it's a loud one and in the middle of your mother's favourite TV show.

I'm still amazed at the people who are MARRIED that say that they've never farted in front of their spouse... How can you be comfortable enough to be naked in front of someone, but not be comfortable enough to fart in front of them?

I don't know if OP is talking about just your average, everyday fart here. Since he/she had an upset stomach, I'm assuming these were more like those really loud bowl farts that explode from your anus.

Whatever, it's not like they've never had upset stomachs. Next time turn the bathroom fan on ;p

23 - Most bathrooms have vents that emit a lot of noise, therefore, drowning out most of the sound a person is bound to produce while excreting.

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Trying to sound intelligent explaining a bathroom fan. Just don't..