By Anonymous - 26/7/2020 08:01

Miss me yet?

Today, after I kicked my boyfriend out, thinking the sudden separation would make him value our relationship more, I heard he's spent the last 3 weeks at his brother's constantly playing Xbox, hasn’t called me once, and now I’m hearing rumours he’s been taking other women home from sleazy bars. FML
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By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

It sounds to me as though he is just a lazy bum and you were really just a convenient shag and housekeeper. Let me guess: He's unemployed, right? This dude will move in with whoever will put up with them and mooch off them. I'd say good riddance. Oh, and well done for kicking his ass out.

By  Hugball  |  22

you girls always thinking your the best match on earth and if somethings toxic/wrong it must be us. so you "kicked your bf" thinking he will suddenly beg for your pardon and "improve", but instead he is having the time of ihs life. hahahhaha. seems you wasn't so great to start off with :D


best comment here, SHE kicked him out because he didnt value her enough. which if I was her I would've dumped him instead of trying to teach him a "lesson". if you are that entitled to have anyone and everyone bend to your wishes you deserve someone as bad as you