By LiliK - 4/2/2017 14:00 - United Kingdom
Today, while suffering from a serious migraine. I have to cook dinner and listen to the singing of two very tone deaf individuals. I'm starting to contemplate sticking forks in my ears. FML
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By  cacheson  |  39

It's likely they aren't actually "tone deaf" because that's a very rare medical condition in which people can't hear the difference between different pitches. Many people who sing out of tune can practice matching pitches while singing, and if you can find a good way to suggest it you can end your misery and likely some of theirs!

By  katluvr  |  22

Not only "why won't they stop singing," but why are you cooking? Are these individuals children? Because if they're adults they can cook for themselves while you lay down in a quiet, dark room.