By immisterbulldops - Australia - Brisbane
Today, I was helping my dad sell furniture online after a messy divorce. After organising everything to be picked up, it turned out the buyer was the guy Mum had the affair with. What are the chances? FML
immisterbulldops tells us more :
Hi this is my FML. I created an account to comment this... I guess that's the odd thing... the affair was actually online and through text. They never met in person haha!
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  jnugzzz  |  6

Ask anyone you're in a relationship with if they think that's cheating. I can almost guarantee they won't be okay with it.

  CGPainting  |  0

"The affair was online. They never met in person!"

Yeah, no. That's just what she told you, so that she was able to get more money in the divorce. If you knew he had been having her doggy style every saturday, she would have gotten significantly less money in the divorce, for obvious reasons (Judges tend to frown on sexually cheating wives/husbands. Whereas "email cheating" is viewed as bad, but much less bad in terms of "fault" for the divorce.)

I feel very sorry for your situation, but in the future, I suggest being smart and hiring a good (but reasonably priced) private investigator to get documented proof and pictures of her cheating, whereabouts, etc. That way you wont have to give her much if anything in court.

Females lie. "I only talked to him online, I never actually met him baby!" Yeah right. And no, to the feminists commenting, i'm not speaking from personal experience.... I'm speaking from my knowledge of human psychology and behavior in a general sense, and also from textbooks, studying, college, and I own a huge business. I know people very well. She was probably not being honest. Sorry to say.

If she had never met him in person, she would not have wanted to divorce you for a guy shes never even met! Think about it. Who would divorce someone they are married to and know they like, for a total stranger they dont even know looks like they do? DUH!

It probably STARTED OUT online (she told you a half-truth so she felt less guilty) BUT at some point, BEFORE she asked you for the divorce, she started meeting up with him and having sex with him. I absolutely promise you