By Idktbh - 18/11/2017 22:00 - United States

Today, when I finished helping a customer, she said, “Thanks cutie!” When I thanked her she giggled and said, “I just like making people smile, plus I bet you don’t get called that often!” FML
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And quickly, that smile faded away.

Kind of un-did the good she was trying to do.


Probably because you’re so ruggedly handsome. “Cutie” is for femme-y guys.

I actually agree with this, minus the specifications. "Cute" is a far more feminine choice for attractiveness than it is masculine. You don't usually hear strangers calling a man cute, but it's a normal interaction between two women who don't know each other. I can see she meaning it in the specific choice of word rather than general appearance, but she really should've worded it better.

Now that you say it, looking back at it it did seem that way

Well... at least she meant well.

She's absolutely right, isn't she? You probably wouldn't have posting this if it weren't.

*posted. Honestly, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to take away the ability to edit comments?

Did she just admit the compliment wasn't genuine and its just a pity compliment?

And quickly, that smile faded away.

There is a very good chance she meant it not as "you're not very attractive, so no one would call you pretty/cute/whatever," and more as "I bet people don't compliment you often, even though they should"

Kind of un-did the good she was trying to do.

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"Joe, I think you're cool." "Just kidding, I think you suck. Queer."