By Idktbh - 18/11/2017 22:00 - United States
Today, when I finished helping a customer, she said, “Thanks cutie!” When I thanked her she giggled and said, “I just like making people smile, plus I bet you don’t get called that often!” FML
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  ScarletteEve  |  33

I actually agree with this, minus the specifications. "Cute" is a far more feminine choice for attractiveness than it is masculine. You don't usually hear strangers calling a man cute, but it's a normal interaction between two women who don't know each other. I can see she meaning it in the specific choice of word rather than general appearance, but she really should've worded it better.

By  seyeran  |  9

There is a very good chance she meant it not as "you're not very attractive, so no one would call you pretty/cute/whatever," and more as "I bet people don't compliment you often, even though they should"

By  ohsnapword  |  21

"Joe, I think you're cool." "Just kidding, I think you suck. Queer."