By Anonymous - 23/1/2021 14:00 - Austria - Graz

Debate bro

Today, I realized my boyfriend never argues with me when I'm right, but goes to great lengths when I'm not. As a result, in the five years we've been together, he has won every single argument we ever had. FML
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  kfchicken_fml  |  31

if I had to guess I think the fml is just poorly worded. I think she means he'll drop the subject when he's wrong but when she's wrong he goes the extra mile making sure she knows it? I don't see how this can be am fml any other way.

  Seeya55  |  31

I think it's definitely more that he wont drop the subject if he's right, but she and he will if she's right. As if he wants to rub it in her face and be prideful rather than just being nice about it.

Don't know why I'm being downvoted? The other option is that only she argues when she's wrong, but she states HE argues with her. I've met people who will take it that they're wrong, but when they're right they run it in your face. I really can't tell what OP is trying to say. Needs to be worded better.

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

The implication here is that you argue when you're wrong.... so ydi

By  Bogrbon  |  23

He seems like a very wise person: he knows when he is wrong and does my push the subject, and when he’s right, he sticks to his guns. There’s nothing bad about this, and you could definitely use to take a page from his book!

By  ManicGypsy  |  22

Do you mean he never argues when he's wrong? The way you phrased it is weird.