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By  acmariner99  |  24

Well shame on you both for being able to work through your issues and being civil with each other. (I’m making some assumptions here, some people don’t discuss any issues they have.) Real life isn’t a vicious (passionate) social media disagreement

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

This would really need a more in-depth explanation of your relationship which no one has time for.
Assuming the lack of fighting is due to having a happy, content & fulfilled relationship, making the summation no fighting = no passion (or that the bond is somehow lesser due to lack of confrontation) is quite absurd. It’s absurd because his logic then would be to put the suggested “solution” of fighting into place. (Personally I think he wanted out and used this facade as an excuse)

Now if he’s suggesting the lack of fighting is due to tip toeing around feelings or avoiding confrontation as to not deal with shared problems or to save face, then maybe he’s right about there being more work on communication skills needed and about openly declaring how you feel about problems. Pretty simple