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Today, I was told that I don't meet the minimum requirements for a job I applied for. I currently hold the same job, at the same facility, but just wanted a day shift. Apparently I'm not qualified for the job I've had for 2 and a half years. FML
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Don't let your supervisors know that...

Don't feel too bad, when I was looking for a job I was told I wasn't qualified to work in a **** shop.


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If you have had the job for 2 years, and still cant pass the test, maybe you need to take a..... Night class.

Don't let your supervisors know that...

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Depending on the job, flow of business day and night fluctuate often. Maybe you're not ready for a harder shift?

Don't feel too bad, when I was looking for a job I was told I wasn't qualified to work in a **** shop.

Ouch. Maybe they thought you were too innocent looking?

Yeah they only hire people who look like creepers.

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maybe it's because you're a dog?

perdix 29

#4, they noticed that you choked on a cocktail weiner they served during the interview process. If you had gotten to the third call-back, you'd have gotten free kielbasa!

Since my family owns and runs adult shops, anymore you need a college degree and need to be demonstrate and at many you need to be a certain age.

ApollosMyth 22

I'm sorry 36, but what in hells name were you trying to say?

sotheresthisgirl 8

36- You need to be a certain age at ALL adult stores. You must be at least 18 to enter any adult store without a legal guardian, none the less work at one.

Damn, I was hoping they wouldn't see how bad my gag reflex is. I really need to work on that more.

You don't have to be a certain age to enter an adult store over here, so I guess not "ALL" adult stores...

In the UK you can enter some like Ann Summers from any age because the front of the store is general underwear. You need to 18 to enter the back bit with all the toys. :)

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Take my advice, you're probably better off anyways. It's awkward and uncomfortable to explain to any future reputable employers.

Actually I work at a **** shop and the reason they hired me is because one I took musical theatre so I'm not shy, which is good because I get a lot of customers who ask me weird questions on all if our products. Also sadly there is a lot of theft at a **** shop which is another reason why I was hired I graduated from police foundations and was trained on how to properly do a citizens arrest. Yeah I was shocked too.

sotheresthisgirl 8

It is called an "adult store" for a reason. Yes, there are some provocative stores which you can enter under 18, but those are not "adult stores". They mostly have a 18+ section. Which, like I said, you must be 18 to enter.

"I'm sorry sir, your neck-beard isn't scraggly enough to work here."

And now I can't help but wonder if they might try to use that as an excuse to fire you...

Yep why piss and mon about the shift your on be happy you have a decent payin or a job at all

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Job or not, the night shift can take a lot out of a person, especially when they've been there for a decent amount of time. Also people sometimes tend to want to have lives.

Upper management is just plain evil. Who the hell as a kid said "when I grow up, I want to be a manager!" I've worked in a call center, and anyone who has knows what I'm talking about.

I think it depends on where you work. As a manager myself I think we're not too bad. As long as we're friendly and don't rule with an iron fist our employees can respect and even enjoy working with us

gotta love administrators that have never worked the job themselves making the rules

Yeah, that's true. I was just trying to sympathize with the OP. I know you aren't all bad, just like all Americans are fat, right-wing pro-gun activists who deep fry everything.

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31 - Your typo was amazingly placed. :P Luck isn't on your side.

So which is it, aren't, or aren't aren't? That feels weird to say.

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They think you're a vampire and fear you will either glitter or evaporate in the daylight.

Lol thanks for the laugh needed one today

Evaporate like water or burst into flames? Either one would be awesome to see

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How the **** is that possible??? Go to HR, that's some major bs!

But then they might realize he is unqualified and fire him! Don't worry, OP, at least you have a job (for now).

4 years military and a bachelors in criminal justice I was qualified when they but a admins vendetta makes me no longer qualified I guess

Maybe they never actually bothered to look at his CV and stuff and just said him the standard 'sorry' email?

I suspect that there is a bit of office politics involved here. Maybe the job was being held for a certain person, and OP was not it. I've seen it at my place of employment.