By paprikarulz - Australia
  Today, I got an email from a guy to whom I sold my old phone to over eBay. Turns out I forgot to delete the nude photos of myself and my boyfriend that I had stored up. His email asked me for "any PIN numbers needed to use the phone, and oh by the way, nice tits." FML
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umm yea, you're an idiot. theres no two ways about it. You completely deserved what you got for being stupid and not deleting your whorish pics.....I put naughty pics on my phone/camera too but atleast I have common sense enough to delete them when my parents etc need to use my camera.

  mojomojo_fml  |  5

I agree with #1, but she can't post the pics... cuz they were on the phone... which is no longer in her possession :( Hopefully, the guy who bought the phone visits FML...

SIMILAR thing happened to me, except it wasn't because of *my* carelessness. I had an old phone in my room that had pics and videos of my GF and me; my mom (without asking) gave it to a relative that broke his phone. I'd say FML, but when I stole it back, it had pics of *his* GF! :-D

  Saoul_fml  |  0

I think it's "Tits or GTFO" is their Rule.

Anyways, that sucks. Perhaps you should remove any personal information from your devices before you send them out.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

And this is why I don't even take any nude pictures. It makes way for mistakes. You NEVER know who could get their hands on something like that. You should be happy he didn't threaten to post those pictures all over the Internet unless you gave him money or something.