Channelling GG Allin

By dudeyouarefired - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff

Today, the highly intoxicated singer of my band decided it would be a wonderful idea to squat down and take a shit on stage in the middle of a gig. FML
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guemarez 9

Nothing says "ROCK & ROLL" like a big steamy pile of number two!!!

perdix 29

"Middle of the gig?" I think that's the end of the gig . . . and the career.


FYLDeep 25


Just too hardcore.

wg4r5g5hh 4

Dude that's rock life! I think...

csickcman 11

Idk.. Sounds like a shitty band to me

Dr0reos 8

Your singer isn't a reincarnated G.G. Allin is he

Yeah, G.G. Allin was my first thought, too.

hellbilly205 17

Damn you beat me to it all i thought of was G.G Allin myself

Nothing's more punk rock than pooping on your mom

Totally agree

guemarez 9

Nothing says "ROCK & ROLL" like a big steamy pile of number two!!!

"Let's give a Warm welcome to our next band: Brown Noise! They'll be openeing with their all new single, Ride the Shitening! Then they will follow up with Turd Magnetic and the encore will be Poop and Destroy."

Also: For whom the Smell Trolls, And Dingleberries for All, Two, Sad but Poo, Fight faeces with faeces, Trapped in the toilet, The Turd that never comes, The Call of Poo-loo. Good luck finding the titles ;)

And now I know your favorite band.....

Or not. If you want I will do it all over but with Megadeth titles, or AC/DC or even Simon&Garfunkel

I look forward to that day! I'm familiar with all those bands listed, Even Simon & Garfunkel. April-- come she will!

To Pleonasm- Here are your Titles: Ride the Lightning, Death Magnetic, Seek and Destroy, For Whom the Bell Tolls, ...And Justice For All, One, Sad But True, Fight Fire With Fire, Trapped Under Ice, The Day that Never Comes, and last but not least, The call of Ktulu. Sad but true could have been written as Sad Butt Poo.

You win a lifetime supply of poo for being the first one to get it right! What, you already have that? Oh well, what were you expecting?

myeviltwin 20

g.g. allin lives :P

The best pun title I can think of is "Love Potion Number 2."

Welcome to the shit show.

A.K.A some post-hardcore scene band doing crabcore and failing miserably...

Shit hits the fan.

zingline89 18

I sure hope it didn't hit the fans.

I saw this coming and I sure hope the fans did.

Well talk about a shit performance. Well people are breaking guitars and biting bats heads off on stage he takes a shit on stage.....hmmm I could see that becoming catching and becoming big.

Im wondering if it was meant to be a bold 'move' or he just really had to go and didnt want to upset fans by leaving the stage mid song....drunk logic is a mysterious thing.

I'm thinking he was just being an ass and decided to take a shit on stage in front if everybody.

I'm guessing he thought it would be funny.

Well, that's a shitty situation to get out of. (there, it's been said)

I'll just tumb you down since that's what I'm supposed to do.

Being the first one to say it and noting how overused it is does not make it acceptable.

sgtcxelite 11

Thumb. Not Tumb.

perdix 29

"Middle of the gig?" I think that's the end of the gig . . . and the career.

Guess that's karma! Don't do drugs, it will do nothing but bring shit into your life!

shan88 14

Who said anything about drugs. Intoxicated means alcohol sweetie, not drugs

"A drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when taken or put into a human body or the body of another animal and is not considered a food or exclusively a food." I've always heard that alcohol is a drug. "Many natural substances, such as beers, wines, and psychoactive mushrooms, blur the line between food and recreational drugs, as when ingested they affect the functioning of both mind and body." Not to detract from your point, but you're correcting something that is technically right.

shan88 14

36. Point taken and thank you but people generally use the term intoxicated for being under the influence of alcohol. I agree but I honestly thought he was talking about alcohol

shan88 14

Sorry meant 38. Cracked screen

SApprentice 34

Why would he even do that? I'm always confused when drunk people do that kind of stuff. Now everyone's going to remember your band as being really 'shitty', and telling people about the shit dude, instead of remembering the music experience. I am curious though as to whether you stopped playing then and call it a night, or if you tried to awkwardly continue while someone grabbed a roll of paper towels and some cleaning supplies.

Lets hope they called it a day and stopped playing. I can't imagine having to be the guy that gets to clean up shit on stage in front of an audience.