By toomuchmetal - 24/06/2009 19:17 - United States

Today, I was in line at a checkout. I have quite a few facial piercings and 1/2" gauges in my ears. The very heavy cashier asks how big my gauges are and then starts telling me about how she recently got her clitoris pierced and how sometimes she has orgasms behind the register. FML
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A few years later, that cashier will have lost most of her senses down there and will probably need a jackhammer to her clit in order to get off. Shame. :-(


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Heh, the image doesn't even show up for me.

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me neither *snap**snap* get it together FML

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I will let you lick my ********

It's still amazing though @OP unlucky girl, that womans seems like the freaky type ;)

what difference does it make that the cashier was "heavy"?

Wow! That image will haunt me forever! FML LOL

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Lol. I would have hit her in the dome. "FOREHEAD TO DOME BITCH!"

I personally have quite a few piercings too, I hope that doesn't happen to me!!

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There's a difference with cute chicks. Call me shallow, but yeah. Lol

You SOOOO did not just call me ugly. lol that is fuckeddd up.

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He clearly just called you cute. I concur, but I won't call you smart. By the way, I have my penis pierced, but it doesn't give me orgasms unless somebody helps.

Well I'm not stupid.. I graduated high school and started college at 16.

Uh, so do most people. I've just finished high school and I am going to college next year (I'm 16 too) then to yeah, you're not that smart...

I'm pretty sure that like 99% of the population graduates when they're 18.. Duhh.

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There are other countries in the world, honey.

you know... bragging about your brain doesn't make you sound that smart... just pretty shallow and self-absorbed. Lots of people are smart but you don't hear them going on and on about it.

In the U.S. College and University are the same thing. Most people stay in highschool until they're 18, though to graduate at 16 really isn't that hard. =/. Credits are ridiculously easy to accumulate, and depending on the time of year you were born its really not that special if you graduate that young. But hey, the reply feature isn't really for debating stupid comments, now is it? *shames self* OP- Thats quite the story to tell! I'd be freaked out if anyone told me the state of their ********, pierced or not. I especially don't want to know if you're climaxing while working. TMI. I can't say FML, because you got one hell of a funny story to tell people, so no vote either way here.

half of the people I knew in college were 16 or 17 years old, thats no big deal

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you're also an ugly ****... nobody wants to see down your shirt :) save it for the corners

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what, lesbians don't exist?

If you were a man and she were attractive, it wouldn't be as much of an FML, but under these circumstances, thats just ewy. FYL

'Cause everything's alright when the woman is attractive ...

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You just gave me the best mental image EVER :D

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Sue for girl on girl sexual harrasment!! lol jk....that's just nasty!!