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By NewRoommateNeededASAP - 13/10/2016 01:29 - United States

Today, I skipped class and went to back my apartment early. I found out that my roommate had broken into my room and was laying in my bed wearing my underwear, taking pictures of herself. Apparently, she's been doing it all semester. FML
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That sounds like grounds for getting a new roommate. Report and move on...


friedpwnadge 25

Now do the same thing with her underwear and you'll be even.

friedpwnadge 25

I just think turning the tables makes things more interesting. It'd be the last thing their roommate expected. Out-weird your foe, etc.

What the hell is wrong with you people

More like two thongs don't make a right.

That sounds like grounds for getting a new roommate. Report and move on...

Can we see these pictures? Maybe make it a photo fml and it will be the first good one yet

Why would you want to see some random person who may or may not be attractive in their underwear, when you have the whole Internet at your disposal?

It's the personal affiliation that counts. Lmao

Burle 17

I would like to know op's gender

What does the gender of the OP have anything to do with how disgusting the roommate is?

Curiosity. I want to know if she's wearing a male or females underwear. Gives the crime a different tone.

This would be pretty hilarious if OP was a male.

How would it be funny if the OP was male? It is still disgusting, no matter the gender of the OP

That is so unhygienic it makes me shudder.

As long as OP's roomate was washing said underwear afterwards there's nothing unhygienic about it.

Do you honestly think someone breaking into your room to try on your underwear is going to be nice enough to wash it as well? Pretty sure it's going right from touching her bits back into the drawer, with the assumption that she'd never be found out.

I get the feeling that she's probably also the type that rips off the hygienic sticker strip when she tries on bathing suits.