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Hey Everyone, OP here. Thanks for all the support and making me laugh. Luckily he hadn't taken anything of value, although he had taken my shoes(ridiculous, I know). I was walking home from my job because my bike was also stolen. Again, FML. I had accidentally left my wallet at my house which is lucky for once. After being stabbed, someone had seen me bleeding, so they called 911. I'm no longer in the hospital as the wound wasn't serious, so I'm doing slightly better. Again, Thanks for the support.
By Ajax_Teh_Great / Tuesday 20 October 2015 07:49 / United States
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By  Mightytall  |  33

There is no thing that can make up for the trauma from such an attack very easily.
I hope besides the physical scars you will recover from this without living in constant fear of a repeat.
No one deserves to be attacked, robbed and injured!

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