By oh my soul
Today, it's been 1 month since I've accepted that I'm gay, 1 week since telling my strict, southern baptist, bible-thumping parents, 1 day since my mom stopped crying and my dad finally spoke to me, and 1 hour since discovering that I'm pregnant. FML
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  DanielleinDC  |  32

It's quite possible for lesbians to have natural children via artificial insemination, whether they go to a sperm bank, have a friend donate, or have a relative of one donate to the other.

And given how many kids need good homes, there's no reason to disallow same-sex couples from adopting.


She JUST accepted that she's gay. Like many gay woman she tried dating guys first, even trying to be sexually active with at least one. This is sadly not uncommon due to various hetero-normative social pressures, particularly in this case when she had "southern baptist, bible-thumping parents".

By  DragonMaiden7  |  15


I know that some people need to test it out by having sex if they’re gay, straight or bi, but... Wow, honey...

Being gay is a natural thing, it isn’t your fault and there is nothing wrong with it at all. If your parents love you, religious or not, they will always love you and accept you, because you are their little girl.

But, like, for the pregnancy thing, could you not have waited to get out of their house and live on your own for this? I get teenage rebellion, believe it or not, I was a teenage girl once too, but like, you only have one life, and throwing it away for a kid when you’re so young is not the way to go.

I feel so bad, because honey this baby you’re gonna be stuck with. Adoption is an expensive option for both parties involved, and I doubt your parents are gonna let you abort. Well... I guess congrats on the baby, if you’re into that

  aruden  |  25

Unless I missed something OP never said she was a teenager living at home. Just because she told her parents and they are upset and crying doesn't mean she lives there it could just mean she talks to them.
According to your profile your 22 so don't give that "believe it or not I was a teenager too" bullshit your bairly older then a teenager.

With your view of being a parent as "being stuck with it" you should avoid ever even thinking about being one.

  Rabite  |  28

"But, like, for the pregnancy thing, could you not have waited to get out of their house and live on your own for this?"
Lol yeah, please wait for an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy to be at least unexpected and unwanted in a better situation.