And I oop

By not drunk - 21/07/2020 08:01

Today, I was at a restaurant. I turned around looking for the restroom. I almost walked into the men’s room, then corrected myself and stumbled in the hallway looking for the ladies’. The employees thought I was drunk and kicked me out. I hadn’t had a single drink. I’m just clumsy as shit. FML
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First time wearing high heels in public?

If it’s a single stall bathroom with a lock on it and the ladies room is occupied and you REALLY have to go then what’s the big deal? I’ve done it myself under those circumstances. Otherwise just acknowledge your error. Apologize if needed. And don’t give it a second thought.

Even more reason to kick you out! They kick out drunks because alcohol makes normally coordinated people clumsy. They don't need your klutz-ass smashing glassware and fine china.

Are you more of a Peter Sellers "Clouseau" or a Steve Martin version?