By Bobi - 03/06/2014 09:18 - Austria

Today, I had planned a pig eye dissection with my students. I didn’t think it was possible to have a student stupid enough to swallow the lens. Now I do. FML
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cheshireau 26

I have absolutely nothing to say to this. What the actual hell, though?

Then what was the purpose of commenting?

#20) Pretty sure that #3 meant that she's absolutely baffled at how messed up this situation is - basically speechless at its stupidity. No need to be so rude. Chill.

Never doubt someone's intelligence or lack thereof

Lizzy500 16

I hope they were fresh and not stored in formaldehyde

Wait, do you mean lens of the eye or lens of a microscope?

You're kidding, right? OP clearly means the lens of the eye, microscopes were not mentioned here, ever used in pig eye dissections, and those lenses are impossible to swallow.

Stranger things have happened. You underestimate the power of idiocy. And this is FML, after all.

Simple context clues should have told you.

#17 & 22) No need to get so aggressive. Jeez it was just a question. I work in labs all the time and so I can see why the person might think of microscopes. It may not make sense at first but seriously, chill.

I thought the same thing! I wasn't sure which one it was either. Obviously, I assumed it was from the eye but you can never be too sure!

Thanks, 27 & 29. I wasn't thinking of the whole lens cartridge of a microscope, just the glass lens at the bottom, which isn't impossible to swallow. And just because no microscopes were mentioned in the FML doesn't mean some idiot couldn't grab one, take it apart, and swallow it. Like I said, the power of idiocy is being underestimated.

No worries #30), I thought of one too because usually after my lab dissects, we use dissection microscopes, or we take a small sample of the animal and add chemicals and use a regular microscope. And like you said, this is FML, anything is possible.

I once had to dissect a pig's eye at school. As I was cutting into it, pig eye juice squirted out and into my mouth.

The sound of that makes my penis invert back into my body. Yuck.

You're welcome! :) But seriously people, wear masks when cutting up pig's eyes!

I had that happen with the brain case of a fetal pig. Never run for a water fountain so fast in my life.

There is always someone who makes you believe that there is no limit for human stupidity

cheshireau 26

To quote 'Mean Girls' - 'The limit does not exist.'

CliffyB03 28

One time a kid in my highschool anatomy got dared to eat a piece of the dead cat meat. He did it. It was absolutely disgusting, but he did it

CliffyB03 28

I have no idea. He's not my friend, but I'm gonna assume all he got out of it was a bad taste and diarrhea

Shay_Shay97 23

Just when I thought people couldn't get any more stupid, I'm always unpleasantly surprised.