Alone time

By Anonymous - 19/04/2021 14:00

Today, I had some unexpected alone time for the first time in months and decided to *ahem* play with an adult toy. As things were getting close to the end, my cat jumped up on the bed, saw the movement under the blanket and immediately pounced on my downstairs, puncturing certain delicate areas with his claws. FML
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bleachedraven 14

Some cats (or dogs) are assholes...I'm sorry you had to wait so long for "personal" time...maybe remove the cat from the room next time? No need to ruin a happy ending because mr fluffy didn't know that his owner was trying to relieve themselves. 🤣 Some cats are vicious and need declawed period 🤣

Declawing a cat is like having your, nails pulled out

Jon Tessler 14

actually declawing a cat is like removing your fingers at the first knuckle. declawing a cat is cruel, and leads to further issues with a cats paws down the road.

@rainbowdonnareed - Apologies, I downvoted you by mistake. I agree, declawing cats is horribly cruel.

Except they don’t grow back. And that knuckle (cuz it’s a knuckle) is where they naturally put their weight when walking, so you’re forcing them to walk in a way they aren’t supposed to, thus causing arthritis. The best comparison I can think of is if we removed a huge chunk of our heel.

Studio apartment? Or some other living arrangements with no door? I live in essentially a mother in law suite, and my cats aren’t allowed outside of it in the rest of the house. The only doors I have are the bathroom (which I can’t close since that’s where their litter box is) and the door to the rest of the house.

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mando 10

Kitty was in to what you were doing and marking territory 😂 jk...but cats are cats

Animals have to leave the vicinity when it's time for that for me