By Vivi - 14/7/2021 18:01


  Today, my soon-to-be-ex-husband decided to bring our four kids over to tell them we were splitting up, and to make them choose who they want to live with, because "Mommy’s been a nagging bitch." He left out that the "nagging bitch" caught him having an affair the night before. FML
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By  kfchicken  |  31

huh, I have a sneaking suspicion daddy wont have the luxury of choosing his custody schedule after Mr legal system gets involved, especially if he keeps acting like this.

By  Bogrbon  |  24

I sense there’s a lot of anger on both sides. He’s a sleazy bastard for cheating regardless, but I wonder if your relationship was already in the toilet before he started cheating, and if you really were too nagging and he was probably toxic or disconnected long before. Seems likely. Doesn’t justify cheating though.