By dumblond - 14/08/2009 17:01 - United States

Today, I was looking over the schedule for errors and circled a group of mistakes before handing it to my manager. When she handed it back to me, she gave me a weird look and I immediately noticed that the group of numbers I had circled formed a giant penis shape on the paper. FML
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Sounds like you improved the schedule.


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Sounds like you improved the schedule.

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YDI for wearing sunglasses in the dark, with a solar-powered flashlight, and a waterproof bathing suit!

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u shoulda said suck my then pointed at the paper

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lol...But put this on instead

This does not happen to an average person XD XD

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Maybe you want your boss to give it to you... that just helped him out, continue to keep sending him messages like that, so you can get a lonely night in the hot tub with him, dont be shy, cuntburger ho

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OP stated it was a "she" dood, lul? Still sounds hot tho.