By Anonymous - 13/10/2014 15:42 - Australia - Burnside

Today, my wife pressed a button in the elevator and quickly ran out, leaving me in there with my crying baby. When the elevator arrived at the floor, the doors opened on a wedding reception. The doors couldn't have taken any longer to close again FML
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well wife definitely knows how to take revenge...

.... Could you high five your wife for me?


well wife definitely knows how to take revenge...

At least the new couple knows what they're in for...

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cryssycakesx3 22

sounds like she knows how to push his buttons...

Close doors buttons don't actually work. if they did they would become a hazard.

#30- They work, they just don't immediately shut the doors; THAT would be a hazard. I assume that in OP's case, it worked, but the couple seconds it takes for the doors to close is eternity when there's a baby crying.

cryssycakesx3 22

what? yeah, I'm sure they waste their money, time, effort, and what ever other resources they have, to use to just make useless, phony buttons just for the hell of it.... seriously....?

Such as cross walk buttons in several major cities.

Your wife has an interesting sense of humor :)

She's an asshat. Having a crying baby in your arms and then having someone mess around with you is not a good mixture.

An asshat ? Maybe she just needed a little break from the crying? Personally I think she's kinda cool. The baby was unharmed. OP was unharmed. The wedding reception was unharmed. It was just a harmless prank!

.... Could you high five your wife for me?

lol this sounds like me and my boyfriend

Should have went to the reception and pretend like you are supposed to be there

sexpectations 15

That's a brilliant prank, it's nice to see couples who still joke with each other You'll be awesome parents :')

99treee 7

Are you a boy or a girl no offense

cryssycakesx3 22

Are you mentally challenged or just stupid no offense she has a pink square and boobs... context clues bros.

that's when you yell "don't do it! I'm warning you this will happen!" and hold up the baby