By Adam Daniel

Twitter = Spoiler Land

Today, I posted a blurb on Twitter about why I couldn’t watch tonight’s episode of my favorite show until 3 hours after it airs. Apparently, tonight’s episode had a plot twist 7 years in the making. Everyone spoiled it for me. FML
Adam Daniel tells us more :
It just had said “so and so replied to your Tweet” so I hit it and it was spoilers
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By  Adam Daniel  |  20

Ha, wow. I posted this during last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Pretty dissapointing about Morales coming back and I had to know about it. But I guess it doesn’t matter now.

  Cali  |  54

Seriously dude? For someone who was upset about seeing spoilers, you sure are quick to post them!

  Rabite  |  28

Ah, so you are the guy who universally decides when it's a spoiler and when it's your own fault, huh? So where is the exact line? At "Adam has watched it"?

  Neror  |  13

I heard a radio interview with M. Night Shyamalan in which he was asked what the cut off time is for spoilers for both TV and films. He said 24 hours for TV.

  Seeya55  |  31

Almost as if people don't travel, or have to work away from home all weekend, or power goes out, or...Wait these things do happen! I'm not going to take the advice of a multi millionaire who has time on their hands.

By  GumStickExtraGmail  |  21

I'm gonna guess GOF or DW

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

That sucks, but you had to know you were inviting this behaviour, the internet is full of dicks. You hope people are better than this, but really they aren't, especially online. Basically, if you're worried about spoilers for a popular tv show just turn off the internet until you've seen it. Don't look at news outlets either, as many don't seem to realise that headlines can count as spoilers.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

If making a comment like that, turn off your phone until you have seen the episode.