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  RichardPencil  |  30

Are you fucking kidding? Are you in a family?

Families comment all the time about each other's appearance from hair style, fashion choices, weight loss/gain, etc.

This particular situation of a male relative lewdly commenting about a female one may be creepy, but in general, family comments that way 👏all 👏the👏 time!

Maybe the context is in an external situation; going out. It is toxic fear, not masculinity. He is probably scared of some embarrassment he might have to face when you are going out with him in shorts. :) (?)

By  ny_ny  |  12

1. If you're cousin said this in a joking manner then there is nothing wrong here and he wasn't being misogynistic.
2. Misogony can't make you not wear shorts unless you are afraid of being sexually assaulted or harassed and if you are then you should consult someone of authority.
3. I still don't understand how someone else being misogynistic can make you not wear shorts. What they think has nothing to do with you.
4. Get over it and wear whatever you want.