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By  bigmeechay666  |  8

I’ve had a snake, they only need to eat every 2-3 weeks. Meaning you probably only had like 1 or 2 mice in the box. Meaning you saying “all over my car” is blowing it way out of proportion. And for being a little cry baby that makes up shit to get attention on FML... you deserve it.

  InsanityShard  |  23

Not in all states/countries. Here in Australia for example I can give life fish of any kind to turtles, and all the pet stores around here sell live crickets and other bugs for reptiles.

  julfunky  |  29

... Is that a question or a statement? As the other person already stated it depends on where you live.

Side note: Many snakes will not eat dead prey, heated or not. Live is sometimes necessary.

  interesting33  |  36

I don't know why you've been downloaded... because of a typo that does not detract from your meaning? In the UK it is illegal to feed live mice to snakes. I am less clear on the US

  IrieStorm  |  9

Not in the US. Some snakes actually won't take frozen-thawed or even pre-killed, my ball python was like that. I was in the process of weaning her off of live rodents when my sister set her free.

By  bigmeechay666  |  8

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By  Spiritbird  |  17

Tie the snake to your steering wheel and then proceed to collect the mice from your car without any fuss. You can use this idea every time this happens. You're welcome. :)

By  weeping_willow  |  25

Oh man, I’ve been in this situation before. Minus being rear ended. I have two ball pythons. I had ten at one point. (Re-homed the other 8, they’re all alive and thriving). Six of them ate mice, four of them ate rats. The mice had to be in two separate boxes so they wouldn’t go insane and eat each other before I got home. And the rats all had to be in individual boxes for the same reason.

By  julfunky  |  29

We’ve had our snake’s dinner escape in the car before. It wasn’t an easy task to fetch the poor guy from under the car seat. Peering under the seat and seeing his two little eyes staring back at me terrified tore me up.