By alyssuhh526 - United States - Channelview
Today, the family I live with decided that beer is a more important purchase than the things we need, such as detergent, soap, and toilet paper, just to name a few things. Apparently, paper towels should suffice. FML
alyssuhh526 tells us more :
I appreciate you guy's concerns, but really I am fine. I do live with a foster family and they are the sweetest. I'm not in danger or anything of that nature. They give me clean clothes and a comfy bed to sleep in, and three meals a day. I turn 16 in a few weeks so I'll be getting a job at a local grocery. And no they are not "rednecks," they are just great Mid Westerners. It was nothing worth getting anyone in trouble about. Again, thanks guys!
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By  popaacxx  |  10

It's funny how OP replies saying how everything is fine and dandy, but their original post made the people s/he was living with seem like bad people. Someone who rather spend money alcohol instead of necessities for the house does not seem pretty 'good' to me.

  SlapAndTickle  |  20

I don't know about you guys but a beer diet would give me diarrhea from hell. Plus paper towels and no toilet paper?? Just wait until "Burning ring of fire" becomes their new personal theme song for a few days, they'll gladly run out and get some toilet paper.

  AngrySailor  |  17

I'm all for the drinking part of your plan, but I assume as they have forgone the necessities, they probably couldn't afford enough beer to make it worthwhile?

  \  |  28

and develop severe brain damage