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Today, the family I live with decided that beer is a more important purchase than the things we need, such as detergent, soap, and toilet paper, just to name a few things. Apparently, paper towels should suffice. FML
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I appreciate you guy's concerns, but really I am fine. I do live with a foster family and they are the sweetest. I'm not in danger or anything of that nature. They give me clean clothes and a comfy bed to sleep in, and three meals a day. I turn 16 in a few weeks so I'll be getting a job at a local grocery. And no they are not "rednecks," they are just great Mid Westerners. It was nothing worth getting anyone in trouble about. Again, thanks guys!

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It's funny how OP replies saying how everything is fine and dandy, but their original post made the people s/he was living with seem like bad people. Someone who rather spend money alcohol instead of necessities for the house does not seem pretty 'good' to me.

Maybe if you drink enough beer the paper towels will look like toilet paper?


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Just drink enough beer and you will see cartoon bears dancing round joyfully wiping themselves with soft toilet paper.

Good luck with future first comment opportunities, maybe you'll be able to think of something slightly original.

Op should just hide the paper towels, then they'll see what top priority is!

Yes! Their top priority is buying more paper towels!

I don't know about you guys but a beer diet would give me diarrhea from hell. Plus paper towels and no toilet paper?? Just wait until "Burning ring of fire" becomes their new personal theme song for a few days, they'll gladly run out and get some toilet paper.

Maybe if you drink enough beer the paper towels will look like toilet paper?

Or you could buy cloths instead of using disposable paper towel.

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You mean keep reusing the cloths? D:

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Well, make the best of it? Start drinking :D haha. But seriously, the **** is wrong with these people? Good luck op.

I'm all for the drinking part of your plan, but I assume as they have forgone the necessities, they probably couldn't afford enough beer to make it worthwhile?

At least they got their priorities straight, got to have what is most important in life!

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Oh dear God! Good luck with that OP! Hope they come to their senses soon :(

With all that beer in their systems, I doubt it.

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Because the beer will make you forget about all that stuff

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and develop severe brain damage

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Use the beer bottle labels to wipe your ass

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I know the FML said to use paper towels but OP, maybe you should spice up your life :)

@14..... Livin' like Larry OP, living like Larry.